We’re Daito-ryu Takumakai study group established at november 2008 with help of Fudoshin dojo (Helsinki, Finland). Our teacher is Jyrki Rytila 5th dan Daito-ryu Takumakai, okuden.

Study group curriculum contains Daito-ryu Aikibudo and Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu from Takumakai.

On February 24, the armed forces of the Russian Federation attacked our country. It is the only reason why we have temporarily suspended our training. We hope for a speedy end to this war.
Glory to Ukraine!

Dojo is heading by:
Andrey Kuropyatnyk, 3rd dan
Ivan Labushevskyi, 3rd dan

Phone: +38 097 063 9807 (Irina)
Telegram: @alexsplash
Email: daitoryu.in.ua@gmail.com
Facebook: daitoryu.in.ua
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eMail: daitoryu.in.ua@gmail.com